Air Transfer Mattress

As you shop for the best air transfer mattress on the market, keep SPH Medical in mind for a superior quality product for your medical facility. Your staff and patients will appreciate the fact that our medical products are made to a higher standard than other air transfer system products- and are priced affordably, to fit your facility's budget. As a reputable medical device manufacturer, we are able to save our clients money by providing well-made air-assisted lateral transfer devices, PPE, and other items without compromising on quality. Feel free to review our entire list of products or reach out to us for a quote today.

Q: What makes your air-assisted lateral patient transfer system better than other single-use products?

A: We double stitch every seam and handle to ensure a longer-lasting product that won't fall apart like other products that are heat sealed or welded. Count on our air transfer mattress to hold up to daily use without showing early signs of wear.

Q: Can single patient use mobile air transfer systems be used safely throughout the day?

A: Depending on the product you choose, you'll notice a dramatic difference in the quality of the product. SPH Medical has designed and manufactured an air transfer mattress specifically for single patient use that can be left under patients all day, without concerns over whether patients will experience soreness or stiffness due to comfort.

Q: Why should our medical facility invest in SPH Medical's air transfer mattresses?

A: Your staff is at risk of back injury due to lifting and repositioning patients throughout their shifts. Manual lifting causes back strain, sprains, and other types of injuries that lead to lifelong pain and an early end of a career. Our product offers your staff a safe alternative that makes lifting duties easier, and with increased efficiency, fewer staff members are required to complete lifting tasks.

Q: Do air transfer mattresses need to be removed during imaging?

A: In most cases, the air transfer mattress system can stay in place throughout x-rays and digital imaging.

Q: What are the additional benefits to choosing SPH Medical's single patient use air transfer system?

A: Our customers see a high return on their investment due to the following:

  • Reduced injuries on the job
  • Reduced costs involved in the initial purchase
  • Fewer workers needed to complete day-to-day nursing tasks

Q: How can I find more information about your products?

A: You'll find a wealth of free resources on our website, including product description pages, articles, FAQs, and quick links located at the bottom of our website. If you have questions that aren't directly addressed on our website, reach our staff by phone at 844-377-4633.

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