Hurricane Impact Front Doors Miami

Hurricane Impact Front Doors Miami

In 2018, there were fifteen named storms in the Atlantic, which is three more than an average. Stronger storms are a real threat to our homes, especially here in Miami.

That is why many homeowners in Miami are replacing their standard doors with impact doors. 

However, when it comes to selecting and installing hurricane impact front doors Miami, each home presents a different set of requirements and challenges. High Service Glass of Florida is Miami’s top hurricane impact door and window specialist. We’ll gladly examine your property and offer Miami impact doors that meet your special needs. 

We Offer Customizable Impact Front Doors

If you have found yourself looking at various different styles of impact front door, then you should consider High Service Glass of Florida. We offer a wide variety with the option to customize the impact door of your choice. The opportunities are limitless when it comes to our stylish our hurricane impact front doors Miami, and the benefits of our doors are huge; you will not be disappointed.   

At High Service Glass of Florida, we offer a selection of quality impact doors that are sure to please even the most reluctant and cautious homeowners. Whether single or double, we provide detailed hurricane impact front doors, and you can take a look at our online gallery to have a sense of the several styles we offer.

Florida Building Code

Miami provides strict building codes and intricate construction requirements for hurricane impact front doors to the multitude of devastating storms and hurricanes. So, at High Service Glass of Florida, our impact doors and windows pass various durability tests that verify our product's resilience to debris and wind. Our high-quality hurricane decorative entry doors have shutters and have impact-resistant to provide protection and safety for you and your family. 

Hurricane Protection

With our sturdy well-manufactured impact front doors that can withstand over 175 mph winds, you should feel safer and well protected in your home. Our Hurricane proof doors for sale are approved and meet the requirements of the state of Florida.

Our impact Miami impact windows and doors are also made from composite and fiberglass materials that hold up against about 170 mph winds. Our composite material used in our impact doors and windows adds an extra layer of protection between homeowners and intruders.

Lower Cost of Energy 

Our hurricane impact doors and windows come with lots of glass options. And based on that, energy efficiency can improve significantly while within your budget. The most cost-effective hurricane impact doors and window finishing option is coated laminated glass. Moreover, our insulated laminated glass would deliver higher energy savings. Also, our hurricane impact windows and doors can block out most UV rays.

Contact Us Today

High Service Glass of Florida is dedicated to offering well-liked and the most efficient hurricane impact windows and doors. We are committed to providing our customers’ customized, ideal, decorative hurricane impact doors in Miami with reliable, heavy-duty, and protective properties. Try our hurricane impact doors risk-free today.



Hurricane Impact Front Doors Miami
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Hurricane Impact Front Doors Miami
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