Impact Windows Miami

Impact Windows Miami

Do you know the 5 Top Benefits of Impact Windows in Miami?

The exterior structures of your home or business are the quintessential element for your protection. In addition to protecting the building, it is the defense element for your loved ones and your belongings. One of the characteristics of Florida state is that it is one of the areas of the USA that receives a significant impact from nature. One of the most common is hurricanes.

Florida's hurricane season lasts from May to December and can cause significant losses if you are not prepared. One of the elements that most helpful to have a safe property from the elements is the impact windows. You must know this product, and the five great benefits you will get from them.

What Are Hurricane Impact Resistant Windows?

These types of windows were developed after the impact of Hurricane Andrew in 1992. They are unique windows that can withstand class 5 hurricanes (winds over 155 mph). The most common and safest impact window system in Miami is laminated glass. This is a glass composed of 3 different sheets. Two layers of tempered glass are used on the rear faces. The middle layer is a high strength plastic sheet, usually polyvinyl butyral.

What Are the Top 5 Benefits of Impact Windows?

  1. Protection

These windows will keep you safe from rain, wind, and even hail. Besides, they are designed to withstand the impact of objects sent into the property by the hurricane. This allows for complete hurricane safety. Even if the glass breaks, the plastic layer will hold the pieces together, keeping your home or business safe.

  1. Insulation

A glass composed of three sheets has a coefficient of refraction at least three times higher than conventional glass. This will significantly reduce the annoying outside noise. Also, the internal temperature will be more pleasant, as the window will reflect heat more efficiently.

  1. Savings

The best Impact windows and doors in Hialeah and the rest of Florida will also help you save money. The protection will minimize the interior spaces of the building from getting wet or damaged, minimizing losses. Besides, with a better internal temperature, you will save on electricity by not having to spend so much to cool the rooms.

  1. Safety

One of the most vulnerable points of the properties is the windows. If you buy good Hialeah hurricane windows, you will minimize the risk of malicious people entering your property and stealing from you.

  1. Revaluation

By purchasing impact windows in Miami, you will significantly increase the value of your property. The resale price can increase by up to 45%. Also, you will be able to receive better deals from your insurance companies, reducing the annual cost of the insurance policy by up to 10%.

Get the Top Hurricane impact windows and doors in Miami!

If you want to order the most extraordinary impact windows in Florida, you are in the right place. High Service Glass of Florida is the premier company in the sale, distribution, and installation of this system. We have the most varied models in the state, so you can protect your property without losing that distinctive style. Explore our available impact windows, and select the one that best suits your needs and your personal touch. You will get the highest quality product in the region at the best price.

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