Window Screen Replacement Rancho Cucamonga

Window Screen Replacement Rancho Cucamonga

To replace a window screen with a modern one with an aluminum frame and double screen can help improve the appearance of your home, reduce pest entry and offer longer life.

Replacing the old screen door involves replacing the frame first. The screen door frame should be inspected for any unevenness, rust or dents that have damaged the material.

Replacing window screens is a quick, easy way to prevent insects such as flies and mosquitoes from entering your home, especially during the spring and summer months.You can do it yourself, the window screen replacement cost can be high if you hire a professional who only installs.

Mosquito nets are composed of a mesh that can be made of different materials: polyester, fiberglass, etc. In addition, there are also different types of fastenings depending on the type of window in which they are to be installed.


Removing the Old Screen and Door Frame

  • Lift up and remove the screen trim from the entire outside of the old frame. Use a knife to cut the screen and pry out the rivets that fit it with a screwdriver. Be careful when making the cuts, avoid injury or damage to any door material that is not in disrepair.
  • Cut putty around the window
  • Use a flathead screwdriver and pry bar to lift and pull the nails holding the door frame in place on top of the other door. With all nails removed, lift the door next to the frame.
  • Inspect and, if necessary, repair the screen door frame. Pull any loose or exposed nails along the door frame. Use a putty knife to scrape away residual putty. Look for rot and damage. Remove any rotted or damaged boards from the screen door frames and replace with new material.

Installing or Replacing the Screen Door

  • Here are the steps to follow to replacement window screens:
  • Clean and dry the surface on which you are going to apply the screen, so that it is properly fixed.
  • Glue the fastening tape around the window frame and cut the excess.
  • Apply the mosquito net over the fastening tape with the help of the included spatula, leaving two centimeters of mesh left over and keeping in mind that it must be taut.
  • Once you have the mosquito netting placed on the fastening tape, cut the excess mesh.

In only four steps you will have your mosquito netting in place and your home protected, so you can forget about insects for a long time. You can see that it is not necessary to be an expert or DIY crack to place them.

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Buy a replacement window screen and forget about that old screen that no longer protects your home from pests and nocturnal animals that put you and your loved ones at risk. We are located in Covina, California.

Window Screen Replacement Rancho Cucamonga
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