Window Shutters Lakewood

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Window Shutters Lakewood

Plantation window shutters are tilted wooden louvers, similar to the slats on blinds. The shutters are permanently fixed to the window frame and they are open and close like doors while blinds in Lakewood are opened with the pull string.

Plantation shutters are part of the house that not only enhance the beauty of your home but also increase the value of your house while accepting the needed amount of sunlight peeking through the gap in the window. So if you want to control the amount of natural light while enjoying sharp, invigorating, faded, and subtle glares of sunlight, an amazingly striking and practical plantation window shutter in Lakewood can be an ideal choice.

In this regard, Creative window coverings are one of the most reputable Lakewood window covering providers.


1) Louver Size:

Louver size refers to the slats of the shutter. Usually the larger the window the larger the louver size. But this is not necessary, it solely hinges upon your choice. The cogency and usefulness of your plantation shutters depend on the louver size. Louver size measures the amount of light you want to peek in. Typically the louvers range from 2 ½ to 5 ½ inches. The smaller size indicates low light entering the house. Moreover, it depends on the look you are dreaming of. Smaller louver gives a traditional look while larger louver signifies a contemporary look.

2) Types Of Plantation Shutters: Some of the types includes:

  • Synthetic shutter: Synthetic timber is ideal for a moist environment and is installed for in-house purposes.
  • Timber shutter: Timber shutter is also for in-house bases. Few options and price factor is the difference between the synthetic and timber shutter.
  • Aluminum shutter: Aluminum shutter hence is practical for the outside purpose as they are made from the strongest material that withstands outside weather very well.

3) Tilt: Tilt infers to how your shutter louvers open and close. Generally, there are two types of tilts; front tilt and hidden tilt. The front tilt controls the up and down of the louver. It has a tilt bar on the front of the shutters. The hidden tilt fosters a clear view because the tilt bar is hidden behind the window panel. So it hinges on your choice whether you want a traditional tilt that you can regulate conveniently or a hidden tilt that gives an apparent look.

4) Frames And Divided Rails: Plantation shutters are also known for being statemented pieces. You should consider the number of rails and frame style according to your preference; the look you desire to achieve before buying the shutters. Direct mount, décor frame, Z-frame, and L-frame are some of the basic types of the frame to give a decorative, sophisticated, and glossy look to the shutters. The horizontal bar on the shutter panel that separates the top and bottom parts is known as the rails. The number of rails determines the amount of light and privacy you want.

5) Motorization Option In Shutters: Motorized shutter is an improvement. They are ideal for hands-free louver execution, with a deluxe override characteristic that allows for manual operation. They give you control when you need it.

Whether you purchase ready-made or still googling customized window shutters near me, improve your home’s interior decor with these beautiful window treatments that are the right combo of classical style and usefulness to every room. Go today and get a free estimate for your window covering with us at the creative window covering where the quality of shades and shutters in Lakewood is never compromised. 714-739-2801

Window Shutters Lakewood
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Window Shutters Lakewood
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