Our Services

Our Services

From vinyl replacement to energy efficient windows and doors, Town & Country Windows brings the same great quality, craftsmanship, and customer service that you’ve grown accustomed to when using our company.

Town & Country Windows uses only the most well respected and reputable window and glass products in the industry. We specialize in a variety of products and services for residential properties, including the following:


Building a new home or place of residence? Contractors trust Town & Country Windows to supply them with the latest tools and technologies for all of their new residences.


Broken, out of date, or unsafe windows can not only be a threat to your family, but could also significantly contribute to higher monthly energy bills. Let our experienced team assess the damage and recommend a high-quality, energy efficient replacement window system for you.


Don’t let Texas’ extreme weather make it’s way inside your home. Whether it’s a slight draft or a sliding door that won’t close, Town & Country Windows’ experts have a solution for all windows and glass doors in need of repair.


We do more than just windows! Town & Country also supplies and installs frameless shower glass and other glass applications that are both beautiful and functional! And don’t worry, we also use the highest quality glass and materials for our shower & glass door installations, go with a name you can trust, Town & Country!

Town & Country Windows Provides Dependable Vinyl Window Replacement Near Frisco and Plano

At Town & Country Windows, we offer vinyl window replacement close to Frisco and and Plano to ensure your home is as energy efficient as possible and has aesthetic appeal. If you need new window installation or replacement, along with glass, doors, and vinyl siding, you’ll find what you need with qualified contractors. The following are answers to some of the common questions we receive.

Are vinyl replacement windows any good?

While vinyl windows aren’t as durable as wood windows, they come with a limited lifetime warranty, making them a sound investment. Vinyl windows are also more energy efficient due to the LoE glass and argon gas glass. Vinyl frames come with hollow chambers in the frame to minimize heat and cold transfer, keeping your home more comfortable while using less energy.

How do you replace old vinyl windows with new vinyl windows?

First, we remove the old vinyl windows and the casing around them. We then check the opening for any damage that needs attention. Once we start the installation process, we dry fit the new window. Our team then caulks the window in place.

Contact us to schedule your window estimate. We look forward to serving you!