Home Window Replacement 101

The Home Window Replacement Basics

While planning to replace the windows of your home you should, first of all, know what replacement windows are best. While finding the best replacement windows, you will have to consider a few things including the material and design of the windows as well as their suitability with the décor of your room. Brief information provided hereunder can help you in choosing the best replacement windows for your entire home.

Materials of replacement windows

Replacement windows made of different types of materials are available in the market. But while choosing the substance of its frame, you should focus on its physical properties as they play a significant role in making you comfortable in the room by controlling the entry of heat from outside. You should consider the durability, thickness, and weight of the material of your replacement window to find the best one. Some of the standard materials for window frames are briefly discussed below for your consideration.

Wood: This window material is known for its aesthetic value. The frames made of wood are available in various sizes and shapes to choose from as per your requirement. These window frames can serve for long if maintained properly. Usually, wood window frames are selected by energy conscious homeowners due to their thermal resistance properties.

Aluminum: People like window frames made of aluminum due to their durability, lightweight and durable structure along with lesser price than wood frames. Both wood and aluminum windows are available in various styles. So while choosing between them, you should consider their performance differences. Aluminum frame is likely to get a concentration of buildups which can lead to deterioration after some time.

Vinyl: This window material requires less maintenance and is cheaper than wood but can serve for a long period due to its moisture resistance property and permanent structure. Though you cannot paint them still, you can choose the color of the window frame of your choice as they are available in wide range of colors as well as custom shades.

Composite fiberglass: Another window material with wood like beautiful appearance but less expensive is composite fiberglass as it can survive even in extreme weather conditions. It is also heat resistant as it neither shrinks or warps in hot weather.

Composite material: They make this replacement window by combining organic elements and plastic to make it more energy efficient and robust. If any color in the stock does not suit your home décor, then you can order for customizing its color according to your requirement.

Design of replacement windows

Replacement windows are available in different structural configurations and styles depending upon the mechanisms used in them to operate them. Some of the conventional designs may include:

Single hung or double hung windows: Both of these windows have two sashes in one frame. However, both of these sashes slide up and down in double hung windows.

Sliding windows: The replacement windows of this type can be operated horizontally along the track made of metal or plastic. They usually have two sashes of which one or both can be administered to open and close the window.

Casement windows: These windows usually open from the side and are hinged like doors. But you can also get top opening casement windows with craning knobs if required.

Hopper windows: These windows are commonly used for the ventilation of the basement. They open at the top and hinge at the bottom.

Awning windows: The windows of this design have one glass panel and are hinged at the top to open outward. They are typically installed along with windows of other models.

Rotating windows: These windows have glass panels to provide you with an uninterrupted view from the frame. The glass panel turns on a pivot on a central axis to open the window partially.

Clerestory windows: These windows are typically installed on the top of the walls in the room has high walls. They are designed to provide you with lots of natural light inside the room.

Bow windows: The windows of this type are projected outward from the wall instead of flushing with it. They include several glass panels of small size assembled gently in a curve.

Bay windows: The design of these windows includes the combination of one large window at the center, and two angled windows on the side protruding outward.

Selection of replacement windows

After knowing about different materials and types of replacement windows, now is the time to select from them according to the size and style of the architecture of your home. If your windows provide a balanced and symmetrical look then you are successful in selecting right replacement windows you will fail.

So while selecting the windows you should keep in mind your budget, your preferred choices, and architecture of your building. While choosing replacement windows, you can also take help of the salesperson of a reputed window provider.

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